Experts in selling, maintaining and renting compressed air networks and their accessories in Egypt and the Middle East الشركة الاولى في بيع وصيانة و تآجير شبكات الهواء المضغوط وملحقتها في مصر و الشرق الاوسط منذ 1986

who are we

01. Our vision

Operational excellence of the air compressor for the Egyptian industries sector

02. Our mission

Facilitate fast and reliable air compressors and solutions to ensure sustainable production for the Egyptian industries sector.

03. Our capabilities

Misr Compressor performs capacity processing to assess the compressed air needs of your business, analyze alternatives, and make a recommendation since then that suits your business needs without any compromise on quality.

Egypt compressor is associated with many manufacturers and suppliers around the world to provide immediate response to our customers

04. Our passion and commitment

Because of our passion and commitment, Misr Air Compressor Company has grown into a reliable, trustworthy and respected company in the air compressor industry. So let us know how we can help you with your next project or air compressor needs!

Egypt compressor experts in selling compressed air products, maintenance, distillation and rentals

Egypt Compressor has the largest group of industrial air compressors in Egypt and being a family owned and operated company, we are committed to providing high quality products, maintenance service and rentals to you.

We do not sell any compressor, dryer, air receiver or even an air filter unless it meets our strict standards

Egypt Compressor also offers time-saving solutions including on-site maintenance, preventive maintenance agreement, refurbishment, spare parts replacement and leasing service to keep your business running during regular maintenance, planned shutdowns, and emergencies.

Company Journy

Misr Compressor Company was established by Eng. Hamdi Abu Al-Rukab in 1986, in its humble beginnings, was a maintenance and trade workshop for screw compressors, and the Misr Compressor Company started in the 6th of October Industrial City with only 5 employees. During the development in the range of products and new markets


Our journey began on September 1, 1981

The history of our journey began on September 1, 1981, when M. Hamdi Abu Al-Rukab founded his dreams project in his parents’ workshop in 6th of October City. Since then, the business has grown from a sole proprietorship to a leading supplier of compressed air for energy efficient solutions

From more than 33 years of the history of Misr Compressor, the passion for compressed air solutions has been entrenched in Misr Compressor since Eng. Hamdy took the first initiative to build his own dream of repairing diesel compressors to one of the leading companies in providing compressed air solutions in Egypt Explore our schedule and the most important key points Various contracts below. Milestones: M. Hamdi founded his own company in 1981.

Basic Action: The first Egyptian workshop for the repair and maintenance of diesel compressors. Market presence: The first family-run partnership established in Egypt. Number of employees: 3 employees by 1981.

our history


Building a company and an international presence

Building a business and an international presence Milestones: Moved to a larger workshop and the company was renamed as Compressed Air Maintenance Specialist in 1989. Primary action: Expand our efforts in the field of diesel air service

Egypt as a compressor for selling used air compressors. Market presence: The first service for selling used air compressors in the Egyptian market was provided by Eng. Hamdy Abu Al-Rakeb. Market presence: In 1989, the first selling company for used diesel compressors was established in Egypt by 1989 by M. Hamdy and five employees.

IMG_5561 (1)


Introduction to screw compressors

Introduction to screw compressors milestones: The company emphasized the importance of small and medium-sized factories through which we entered the world of screw compressors. Main actions: Initiation of snail sales, maintenance and repair. Market presence: Agents from 5 countries meet with Eng. Hamdy for partnership deals. The Team: 7 employees celebrating the company’s success in global partnerships.

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screw efficiency in focus

Focus on snail efficiency: The company had a new area to expand its services to the Egyptian market by selling new compressor spare parts. The basic procedure: the introduction of high quality spare parts by the best European factories into the Egyptian market. Team: In 1999 there were 7 employees and 5 around the worldم.

2004 2


Leadership in the era of globalization

Leading the way in an era of landmark globalization: A German partnership with German Egyptian investments. Basic Action: The company name was changed and Egyptian German was introduced to import air compressors. Team: 7 employees in Egypt and 2 in Germany



Course preparation for sustainability

Defining a path to sustainability Key milestones: The company’s assets were completely transformed from a German partnership to an Egyptian investment with an Egyptian partner, and the company was renamed Union Power Egypt.



Expanding the company family

The achievements of the expansion of the company family: The company became wholly owned by the engineer. Hamdy and his family to become Egypt Compressor Company. The company has seen growth in all areas of its business, whether through affiliations or through development in new products and markets. The Team: By 2009, Misr Compressor had approximately 9 employees.

Eng Hamdy ABo Roccab


The death of the founder heralds the birth of a legacy

The death of the founder heralds the birth of a legacy. Hamdi passed away in 2018 – but his legacy lives on with more than 3,000 customers and 15+ suppliers worldwide from 1981 to 2018. In 2010 he bought M. Hamdy is the largest volume of a diesel air compressor, and in 2011 the largest Egyptian electrical industry was installed. Team: Ibn M. Hamdi, Ahmed became the Chairman of the Board of Directors. Now in 2019, Misr Compressor celebrated its 30th anniversary in the business field and we enthusiastically look forward to the next 30 years, with passionate and knowledgeable technicians, we are committed to delivering excellence to every customer every time.



Compressor Egypt 2020

Now in 2020, Misr Compressor has celebrated its 30th anniversary in business and enthusiastically looks forward to the next 30 years, with passionate and knowledgeable technicians, we are committed to delivering excellence to every customer every time.

Our Team

Misr Compressor Company was established by Eng. Hamdi Abu Al-Rukab in 1986 as a maintenance and trading workshop for screw compressors

Eng Hamdy ABo Roccab

M \ Hamdy Abu Al-Rakb


Eng Ahmed Hamdy

M \ Ahmed Hamdy

Board of Directors

Eng Sara Hamdy

M \ Sarah Hamdy

Director of Marketing

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