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Air compressor for rent and sale in Egypt

Air compressor
An air compressor is a machine to move and lift the energy of air, and transfer it through the tubes to the application in which it is intended to be used, or to store it in such a pressurized state. Spindle or by means of a transmission assembly.

The air compressor has many uses and industries, including:

Car maintenance workshops: which are used for filling tires, or air jet compressors to clean cars.
Spray paint on the buildings
Compressors for thermal power plants.
Excavation, construction, cranes and spraying of products
Cleaning of machines and floors using compressed air.
Cooling for industrial processes.
Control of robots in assembly operations.
 Industrial works such as: “chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, ventilation and mobility, semiconductors and electronics, medical breathing air”

As a result of the high price of some types of compressors, some people resort to renting an air compressor or looking for a used air compressor for sale in Egypt.

The prices of compressors, whether for sale or rent, vary according to many factors, the most important factor being the type of air compressor, which is divided into:

– Volumetric compressors “or positive-displacement compressors”, and they operate by direct pressure on the liquid by changing the volume that contains this liquid “air or gas”.
Dynamic compressors: They work by forcibly moving gas and converting its kinetic energy into potential energy (pressure energy).
Jet-type compressors, which use the mixing of two different power streams from two liquids, thus raising the energy of the lower energy liquid.

It also includes in determining the sale or rent price of the air compressor:

– The type of air compressors: among them that works with electricity, which is the most used, and the second type works on diesel and is used mostly in companies.
– The compressor capacity: which starts from 25 liters – 50 liters – 100 liters – 200 liters – 500 liters – 1000 liters.
– Type of compressor according to size: “fixed compressors” which are the largest in size and designed to be placed in factories and companies and carry powerful motors and large tanks that ensure the operation of the compressor for long periods of time without interruption. There are portable compressors and contain small-sized air tanks that can be transported anywhere easily.

Air compressor for sale
Egypt offers the best types of air compressors for sale. It can also provide the necessary advice on setting up the air network and the appropriate size of the compressor and dryer that matches the needs of the company. It also provides the service of renting an air compressor to increase work in times of peak production or breakdown of the used air compressor, as well as spare parts And maintenance contracts, making it a reliable partner in power and compressed air solutions


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