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Air Compressor Rentals Offer More Choice For Bussinesses

This growth of the construction activity in Egypt, including growth in Mining, industrial, and construction development, as well as an increase in government spending on infrastructure upgrades and development, many businesses are opting for rental equipment, choosing a short-term rental cost over a more significant investment.


When deciding to buy or rent your equipment, there are many factors to consider, In the right situation, choosing to rent your equipment instead of buying can positively impact your bottom line. Rentals offer lower maintenance, operating and insurance costs, as well as a lower initial investment. In addition, choosing to rent an air compressor will often allow you to have access to the newest and most specialized equipment for your specific application.


Newly released to the rental market, Misr Compressor offers a huge range of powerful, and affordable solution businesses will be sure to appreciate.
The totally refurbished rotary screw air compressor is powerful, producing up to 300 CFM at 100% duty cycle—operators will not need a bulky air receiver tank, nor will they have to wait for air pressure to build. Those interested in renting will be pleased to note that the Rotary Screw Renting is priced to be the most affordable electric rotary screw air compressor available in the Egyptian market.

How Condensate Drains Maximize Efficiency


Whether you are running a new system or an older, more basic compressor, the need for high quality compressed air remains paramount to your operations. Misr Compressor typically recommends an Automatic condensate drain, depending on your system requirements and placement:

  • Also called “zero-loss drains”
  • Don’t cause pressure drops, only uses a miniscule amount of compressed air
  • Automatically keeps up with system changes, doesn’t require manual adjustments
  • More expensive up-front, but more efficient, reducing long-term costs

In addition we provide you with the perfect condensate drain to fit your system.

No matter the size of your system, Misr Compressor offers effective, efficient solutions for your compressor. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or are interested in improving the efficiency of your compressed air operations.

Rotary Screw Compressor Repair


How do we repair your rotary screw compressor?

We follow a very specific process to determine what has happened to your rotary screw compressor and to determine the proper way to repair the compressor in the most efficient way. We can pick up your rotary screw compressor or you can bring it into our shop. Once we have it, the process is started by tearing down the entire rotary screw compressor unit and inspecting the conditions of all of the components with the screw compressor very thoroughly. This is a very important step in determining which components are causing the problems and need to be repaired or replaced.

Once we are able to make the determination of which components need to be repaired or replaced, we will send the specific parts to individual departments to be worked on. There are a number of specific components that will need to be checked out when brought in. These components include:

  • Mechanical seals
  • Rotors
  • Bearing fits
  • Heads

How do we repair the components in your rotary screw compressor?

The mechanical seal would be sent to the seal rebuilder if the seal is able to be rebuilt. If the better economical decision would be to replace the seal, then we will do so with a brand new OEM seal. If your rotary screw compressor has an oil pump inside of it, then the pump would be sent to our own hydraulic repair shop to be evaluated.
The rotors within the rotary screw compressors will be dressed by a filing process which will remove any raised spots or other areas that have been damaged from foreign materials that have passed through. This foreign material could be a result from the bearing material failing or other material that could have come through the gas stream. Any damaged areas within the case are repaired through a honing process that uses abrasive stone.
Bearing fits are inspected on the shaft journals and are able to be repaired by a metalizing process. The housing bores are inspected in the heads of the rotary screw compressor. The heads can be resurfaced if necessary to repair any damage and then bored and sleeved in order to repair an improper housing bore fit.

What do we do once the repairs are made on your rotary screw compressor?

Once all of the parts of your rotary screw compressor are repaired or replaced and we are satisfied with the quality of work done, your rotary screw compressor will be tested in order to ensure maximum work quality. The first step is to dynamically balance the rotors and assemble the compressor with proper head clearances with all flanges blinded for pressure and vacuum testing.
The final steps in the process of repairing your rotary screw compressor are to vacuum test the compressor to maximum vacuum achievable and hold that vacuum for a minimum period of 20 minutes. Then the rotors are pressure tested to 110 psi for a period of 20 minutes. If there are no leaks within the rotors, then the blinds are removed and the ports are taped off in preparation for shipment.

What makes us stand out from competitors?

We take the final step of showing pride in our work by filing a mechanic’s report that is completed by the technician and is filed in the company’s records. The rotary screw compressor is then tagged with  Misr compressors’s name plate that contains an identifying number that is assigned with the current date.


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