Experts in selling, maintaining and renting compressed air networks and their accessories in Egypt and the Middle East الشركة الاولى في بيع وصيانة و تآجير شبكات الهواء المضغوط وملحقتها في مصر و الشرق الاوسط منذ 1986

The first company in the sale, maintenance and rental of compressed air networks and their accessories in

Egypt and the Middle East since 1986

We always bring you the best

Welcome, dear customer. We are here in Egypt as a compressor. We simplify for you all matters related to compressed air. Our main task is to ensure the best possible air compressors for the industrial and service sectors in Egypt and the Middle East.

Diversity in sizes and capacity from 10 hp to 400 hp from global and economic applications and always at fixed speeds and variable speeds that can work 8000 hours during the year for 10 years with the least possible problems.


اداء تشغيلي متميز لضواغط الهواء الحلزونية في القطاع الصناعي المصري


Education..facilitating..transportation and shipping

Providing and servicing screw air compressors with high efficiency and quality to meet the needs of the Egyptian industrial sector and ensure its sustainability.

The best air compressor services from Egypt as a compressor

We believe in our products

The pressure according to technical specifications is crucial in your factory, therefore, Egypt Compressor has the largest group of industrial air compressors from the best world manufacturers to meet high production requirements and reduce the cost of emergency breakdowns. We also provide you with a variety of sizes to suit all production processes.

In Egypt as a compressor, we do not sell any compressor or air filter unless it meets our stringent standards

We also have time-saving solutions, including on-site maintenance services, preventative maintenance agreements, overhaul and replacement parts, air compressor rentals to keep you up and running during regular maintenance and downtime, and emergencies.

Professional makes the difference

Rest assured that we can solve air compressor problems no matter their size. The Egypt Compressor maintenance team is highly experienced when it comes to identifying faults and repairing the air compressor, whether it is an emergency repair for a sudden breakdown or just a periodic maintenance check.

Air compressor life

There is no problem, we support you in the best way to maintain the air compressor, which is the complete overhaul of the compressor by technicians who are experts in various types of air compressors in our workshop using special repair equipment to ensure that the overhaul is carried out accurately


Screw compressor repair

We follow a very specific process to determine what happens to screw compressors

Air Compressor Rentals Offer More Choice For Businesses

air compressor rental

Misr Compressor offers a wide range of powerful yet affordable solutions that you are sure to appreciate.

Air compressor maintenance

Misr Maintenance provides the service of periodic maintenance contracts for air compressors, which guarantees you the continuity of its work without any malfunctions, with a guarantee of high quality in maintenance services in a working manner for each maintenance contract

Air Compressor Rental

Misr Equipment Rental has air compressors ranging in strength from 15 to 300 hp, allowing you to rent the right compressor to meet your needs

Sell air compressors

Egypt Compressor is the largest supplier specialized in selling air compressors (Atlas Copco and Keizer) of different sizes and types to the Egyptian industrial sector with the highest efficiency to meet the needs

We protect your investment
Egypt provides you with a compressor maintenance contract agreements

Maintenance Contract Agreements is a hassle-free annual plan that guarantees peace of mind. We deliver spare parts whenever you need them directly to your site with hassle-free maintenance. You can also feel safe with your compressor protection plan and expert technical support to avoid unexpected interruptions, and have peace of mind thanks to controlling the status of your air compressor directly over the phone. All of this can be covered by your annual payment plan. It’s one easy plan to increase the value of your air compressor to maximize your investment and reduce operating costs. It’s a valuable deal for you.

الأكثر مبيعا

10 advantages that make Egypt compressor your first choice

Misr Compressor is a family owned and operated company that started its business since 1986 and now has the largest stock of high quality air compressors in Egypt to help you get high returns on your investments.

In short, the benefits you get include:

1- Avoiding breakdowns and stopping production through our annual maintenance contracts

2- Saving time, effort and money, as we are the largest supplier of air compressors and its integrated services in the Egyptian market
3- Wide choices among the world’s brands for equipment for air compressors, dryers and air tanks.
4- A wide range of air compressors and their spare parts are available in our warehouse to ensure fast delivery.
5- An air compressor rental service to take advantage of peak production times.
6- 10% discount on spare parts for annual maintenance contracts with us
7- A warranty certificate for one year on the piston of used air compressors
8- Emergency visits 7/24
9- Helping to decide which compressor size to choose
10- Routine maintenance after purchasing an air compressor

Reviews of our valued customers

Egyptian steel

God willing, to say the least, engineer Ahmed and engineer Sarah are the top of science and morals. I hope everyone will have a visit to the company


The beginning of its establishment with the knowledge of Engineer Hamdi, may God have mercy on him, and it is an example company to follow


Special thanks to Misr compressor for the effort that went into maintaining our station, really great effort. Thank you all

white Nile CO

Indeed, one of the best people in character, sincerity in work, dedication to it, and accuracy, is not after sales service, may God protect you

our partners

Rest assured
Egypt compressor
support you

Egypt compressor was established to provide

Integrated service: We have a reserve department for spare parts and after-sales service
Technical skill: We are a trusted partner with more than 30 years of experience and enthusiasm in the field of air compressors and their maintenance.
Reliable: We keep our promise to supply high quality products thanks to careful planning, skilled labor and large inventory.