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How Condensate Drains Maximize Efficiency

Whether you are running a new system or an older, more basic compressor, the need for high quality compressed air remains paramount to your operations. Misr Compressor typically recommends an Automatic condensate drain, depending on your system requirements and placement:

  • Also called “zero-loss drains”
  • Don’t cause pressure drops, only uses a miniscule amount of compressed air
  • Automatically keeps up with system changes, doesn’t require manual adjustments
  • More expensive up-front, but more efficient, reducing long-term costs

In addition we provide you with the perfect condensate drain to fit your system.

No matter the size of your system, Misr Compressor offers effective, efficient solutions for your compressor. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or are interested in improving the efficiency of your compressed air operations.


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