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Maintenance of screw compressors

Rotary screw air compressors are used to replace compressors that require large quantities of high pressure air, whether in large industrial applications or to operate high-power air tools such as rock crushing, pipelining machines, or injection and blowing applications.

Uses of screw compressors:

Sea sector
the cars
Power generation
General industry
Chemicals and Petrochemicals

Types and features of screw air compressors
There are many types of screw compressors, and they are:

Oil-free and water-filled screw compressors: which are characterized by their ability to save energy by up to 35%, accurately control pressure to reduce energy consumption, and are characterized by high efficiency and quiet operation as they are equipped with sound insulation, making them ideal for most work environments, and does not require customization Separate chamber for compressor

Oil-injected screw compressors: These compressors are floor-mounted and equipped with an integrated dryer, as well as being easy to install, operate and maintain.

Air compressor maintenance
Air compressor maintenance helps to save time and money by continuously performing a number of checks

Air compressor maintenance includes a set of practices that must be implemented in varying degrees on compressors of all makes and models. In factories and compressor stations, maintenance of an industrial air compressor is one of the important areas of system management. With a large number of machines, tools, and jobs that rely on compressed air, it is imperative to ensure constant maintenance because compressor stoppages can lead to costly downtime.

Air compressor maintenance steps
– The first step in maintenance includes knowing the tips and instructions in your air compressor operating manual, so following these instructions gives it a longer life as it helps in maintaining it.
Entrance openings should be cleaned and checked periodically, especially in working environments that contain a lot of dust
Inspect hoses regularly and be sure to check and replace if you find that they are cracked or damaged.
– There are some weather factors that can affect the compressor’s working strength and efficiency, such as very high temperatures, which requires stopping the compressor, or in cases of very low engine oil level, which may affect the integrity of the compressor, which helps the compressor’s life to last for periods of time. The longest
– Test the safety shutdown system: the compressor’s operating system and warning must be tested to make sure that it is operating properly
Check and change air filters as needed because a dirty air filter allows dirt to enter and exit
Check the filters regularly and change them in case of dust and dirt accumulation, and they are changed every six months.
Cleaning the fuel tank periodically to ensure optimum operating conditions.
Cleaning the compressor engine at least once a year to ensure that any residual fuel build-up is removed to preserve engine life.
– Checking and changing the air compressor oil every 500-1000 hours of use. This oil must be changed to ensure maximum performance of the air compressor.

Prices for air compressors in Egypt
Air compressor prices in Egypt vary according to the type of compressor, the size of the engine and the motor, the types of oils used in it, and the technology in which it works.

The best air compressor maintenance companies in Egypt
Misr Compressor offers the best air compressors “screw compressors and others” because it is specialized in the maintenance of air compressors and in the fields of oil-free or oil-free compressed air technologies, in addition to immediate maintenance services that allow customers to continue their work efficiently and accurately without long downtime


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