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Providing options through rentals of air compressors to companies

Provide more options for companies through rentals of air compressors

Many companies prefer to rent equipment and choose short-term leasing at a lower cost, especially with the increase in construction activity in Egypt, growth in the areas of mining and industry development, and increased government spending for the construction and development of infrastructure.

Benefits of renting air compressors to companies
When deciding to buy or rent equipment, there are a number of factors to consider, which are:

Leasing equipment rather than buying can positively affect your bottom line
Rents save maintenance and operating costs, as well as lower initial investment.
Additionally, choosing to rent an air compressor will often allow you to access the latest and most specialized equipment for your industry.

Egypt as a compressor enters the air compressor rents market

Egypt as a compressor started to enter the rental market recently, by providing a wide range of solutions to powerful companies at reasonable prices
The screw air compressor is one of the most powerful as it produces up to 300 CFM in a 100% duty cycle – operators will not need a bulky pneumatic receiving tank, and they will not have to wait for the air pressure to build up. Those interested in renting air compressors should know that the Rotary compressor is one of the most electric compressors available in the Egyptian market.


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