Repair Kits

Genuine and alternative spare parts.

  • Minimum pressure Valve Kit 
  • Check Valve Kit –Oil Stop valve kit 
  • Thermostat Kit 
  • Unloaded Valve kit
  • Airend overhaul kit 
  • Motor overhaul kit 
  • Pressure Regulator 

Unloading Valve Kit

Its functions are to direct fluid into the accumulator system, to maintain pressure within set pressure limits, and to unload completely and bypass all fluid flowing in the line with no restriction except the resistance offered by the friction of the fluid flowing through the tubing. 

Thermostatic Valve

The function of the Thermostatic Valve is the regulation of the oil flow in oil-injected screw compressors. Fastest possible regulation of the oil temperature to the optimum operating temperature to ensure full performance of the oil and to avoid premature condensation fall-out.

Minimum Pressure Valve

We need a minimum pressure to circulate the oil. Circulation of oil is critical for cooling of the rotary screws and for the lubrication of the bearings. The minimum pressure valve also acts like a check valve. This is to make sure that no air can flow back into the air compressor.

Airend Overhaul

Overhauled compressor airend has its components restored to the original OEM specifications. Benefits include extending the life of your compressor, bringing vibration levels back in line with OEM standards, and increased longevity of moving parts within the airend core

Pressure Switch

The air compressor pressure switch measures the pressure inside your air tank and shuts off your compressor when it reaches the air pressure you need. 

pressure regulator

Air pressure regulators are used to provide a constant outlet of pressure, separately from the inlet pressure or flow.

Temperature Sensor

Temperature sensors are often used for monitoring compressor coolant, oil and air inlet temperatures as well as discharge air temperatures and logging the variations.

Solenoid Valve

In most flow control applications, it is necessary to start or stop the flow in the circuit to control the fluids in the system. An electronically operated solenoid valve is usually used for this purpose.

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