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Compressor Air End Overhaul

Misr Compressor Maintenance Services can fully overhaul your rotary screw compressor air end in our equipped workshop by our fully trained technicians.

The rotary screw air end is the heart of your compressor. If the bearings are not changed within the recommended period, total bearing failure can occur causing damage to the air end. In most cases, the compressor is then written off as this is a costly procedure to fix.

Typical oil lubricated screw compressor bearing life is the 24,000 hour range.

Typical oil free screw compressors bearing life is up to 80,000 hours.

Oil lubricated screw compressor

typical oil lubricateed screw compressor bearing
life is the 24000 hours range .

typical oil free screw compressor bearing
life is up to 80000 hours range .


  • Standard bearing replacement due to high running hours as recommended by bearing manufacturer
  • Damaged bearings from heat
  • Damaged bearings from poor lubricant quality
  • Replace all seals, o-rings and gaskets
  • Re set from face and rear face clearance to air end manufacturers specifications
  • Overhauled Air Ends will reduce load on the motor and extend electric motor life and save energy
  • Give you peace of mind that your compressor’s air end is as good as it was when new.

It is recommended to carry out a full major service and replace the electric drive motor bearings when you have your rotary screw air end overhauled to give you the peace of mind that your rotary screw compressor is like new.

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