Experts in selling, maintaining and renting compressed air networks and their accessories in Egypt and the Middle East الشركة الاولى في بيع وصيانة و تآجير شبكات الهواء المضغوط وملحقتها في مصر و الشرق الاوسط منذ 1986
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Dependable Repair and Response Time

Our technicians are highly experienced when it comes to restoring or salvaging even the most out of date and distressed air compressor systems. Our team works quickly and diligently in repairing your air compressor whether it be an emergency repair or just a routine maintenance check. We will do our best to refurbish or replace your existing model in a promptly manner so that you can get back to what you do best.


  • Prompt reaction


  • Real-time diagnostic and problem-solving


  • Measured performance


  • Detailed report of all work performed

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Contact Misr Compressor maintenance team to get help testing your Air compressor performance or have your entire compressor services

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