Experts in selling, maintaining and renting compressed air networks and their accessories in Egypt and the Middle East الشركة الاولى في بيع وصيانة و تآجير شبكات الهواء المضغوط وملحقتها في مصر و الشرق الاوسط منذ 1986

Compressed Air Service Agreements

Improved  Efficiency and  Performance of Your Compressor

Flexibility in Type

We have Three levels of service coverage to choose from.

Flexibility in Payment

Agreements can be paid for as the work is done or annual payments (discounts for up front annual payments).

Resource Utilization

Let our specialist maintain your compressed air equipment, so that your plant staff can focus on your production equipment.

Improved Performance

We trains our technicians on the systems approach, so that machines are set to work at peak energy saving performance.


Compressors that are properly maintained is less likely to fail, reducing the chance of costly unscheduled downtime. Guarantee Compressor Service Agreements can help you stay within the terms of manufacturer warranties and Provides 2 emergency visits per maintenance contract

Less Downtime

compressor services agreements can help stay within the terms of manufacturer warranties and provides 2 emergency visits per maintenance contract