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The best air compressor maintenance companies in Egypt

Air compressor failures can cause many downtime and losses, so periodic compressor maintenance is very important, especially since some simple maintenance patterns can be done, but others require maintenance companies.

Maintenance of air compressors
Regular maintenance of air compressors is required by specialized companies to prevent the air compressor from stopping suddenly during its operation, and during maintenance periods there are some points that must be followed, which are:

Warning: The air compressor gives an overload warning, which means that the voltage at which it is operating must be checked to avoid engine temperature imbalances and breakdowns.
The need to stop the air compressor from operating in cases: “failure of the main motor and its motor fan, failure of the oil filter to clog, overheating malfunction, thermal failure of the motor and main motor fan, failure of the hood filter failure, malfunction of non-ventilation, failure of the screw compressor temperature to drop to the limit Known ”
Air leakage
– In some cases, oil begins to exit with the air from the air exit hole, in addition to the oil container being very hot, which may mean that it needs to change the oil filter
– Drying tanks – Since the compressor collects and compresses air, it is likely that moisture will collect in the tank.

Maintenance of air compressors
Maintenance of regular air compressors consists of a number of steps, which include:

– Tightening nuts and bolts: the parts screws in air compressors become loose after a period of use due to the intensity of vibration
– Cleaning the intake valves: Clean intake holes are one of the most important factors that help the air compressor to work at its full efficiency, but with work it may absorb dust and dirt with the air, which remains attached to it, especially in work environments that contain residues that may be easily absorbed, such as packaging factories Or the factories that use wood, which makes them need continuous cleaning at least once every three months to ensure that the compressor continues to work efficiently.
Inspect the hoses: Although the hoses in air compressors are strong, they may become worn after a while, so you need to check their flexibility and notice any sign that includes wrinkles to change them, and if they are overlooked, the worn hoses may render the air compressor ineffective.
Change the air filter: During the daily use cycle, the filter inside the air compressor will trap a lot of unwanted waste. Dust and other impurities can degrade the performance of the pneumatic tools.
– Compressor fuel tank cleaning: Impurities of fuel after accumulating for periods inside the tank can become toxic and affect the quality of the engine and the motor
– Oil change to allow different engine parts to move smoothly.

The prices of air compressors in Egypt
There is no uniform prices for the air compressor in Egypt, and the prices differ due to factors including:

Air compressor type
Motor power
 Engine type

Egypt Air Compressor provides all types of air compressors at the best prices in addition to periodic air compressor maintenance contracts that make it easy to avoid faults.


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