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The importance of air compressor for companies and its price

The air compressor is the power source for many companies and factories and various applications, such as in the fields of auto repair or operating equipment in factories. The air compressor can work for long and difficult periods. Therefore, it is important to maintain the internal maintenance of its air supply system, so that each part has a specific function that must be preserved properly. It is true that it affects the air supply and energy consumption.
The idea of ​​the air compressor is based on the electric motor that converts electrical energy into a rotational motion, and this movement is transferred from the engine to the compressor, in which the rotational movement is converted to reciprocating by an internal attachment that transfers it to the piston to compress the air to a pipe to transfer the air to the air tank. Always make sure that the air does not return again through the valve that prevents it to allow air to be transferred to the tank and not to allow it to return.

Air compressor components
Motors: This is the part responsible for the exit of compressed air into the processes that use it

Belts: The belt’s tension must be checked every 40 hours for wearing and operating.

Shock fenders: Valve bumpers surround for additional protection

Bushings: Bushings are used in the internal components of an air compressor, and provide protection from dangerous faults.

Connecting rods: used to move the piston up and down

Couplings: used on internal components to prevent leakage from a high pressure system.

Desiccants: Air dryers purify compressed air by absorbing water vapor

Gaskets and Seals: For airflow and maintenance of intended pressure, the air compressor must be sealed with high quality seals and gaskets.

Gauges: Measures the gauge of the air compressor in your fuel tank.

Valves: Allow air to escape and drain water, and regulate airflow

The best air compressor company in Egypt
When choosing the best air compressor company in Egypt, you must always make sure that it provides the best spare parts and the best maintenance services to ensure that no major breakdowns occur. Companies may look to rent an air compressor or air compressor for sale, and the company must provide all services.

Air compressor prices in Egypt
Air compressor prices vary according to the type and power of the engine and the type of power it operates in


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