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The importance of maintenance of air compressors

All scientific applications of air compressors indicate that they have several uses, some of which are familiar to us, such as:
The compressor is used in a car workshop, which is used to fill the tires.
The compressor used in blowing air to clean cars.
– The compressor used for spraying paint on buildings.

In factories, the use of compressors is more widespread:
– The compressor is in thermal power plants.
Compressed air is used to push the blade into hand drilling hammers.
It uses compressed air to lift the cranes.
Compressed air is used to spray paint on products such as chiller industries. Cleaning of machines and floors using compressed air.
Compressed air is used in industrial process refrigeration. Compressed air is used to control robots in assembly operations.
Hence, the maintenance of air compressors as soon as possible and ensuring their safety for the longest possible period is an indispensable necessity to maintain work productivity.

Air compressor
Air compressors are divided into two types:
Stationary compressors: It is the largest compressor size and is designed to be placed in companies and factories and has powerful motors and large storage tanks that ensure the compressor is running for a long term without interruption.

Portable compressors: They are types of compressors with small air tanks, but it is not difficult to move the wheels of the compressor, deal with them, and move them anywhere easily. This type is considered the most used type and there are different types of compressors.

Maintenance of air compressors
The maintenance method of the air compressor is divided into:

Preventive maintenance: which consists in ensuring that the equipment works with full efficiency and reviewing all parts to ensure its safety.

Periodic maintenance: which consists in maintaining the efficiency of the compressor and working properly and efficiently to avoid sudden malfunctions that cause material losses. This is done by knowing the default work for each part of the equipment and changing it before any malfunction occurs.

The best air compressor company in Egypt
Misr Compressor Company is considered the best air compressor company in Egypt, and you can use the maintenance services of our company in case of any malfunctions of the compressor of any kind. We can fix the malfunction immediately or bring the air compressor to our company’s headquarters to be repaired in our workshop and find an alternative compressor.
Misr Compressor Company also provides you with annual maintenance contracts for the air compressor, which guarantees that the compressor will continue to operate without interruption or malfunctions and for a full year of maintenance guarantee.

All you have to do in case of emergency breakdowns:

Collect the metal plate data on one side of the compressor
– Writing the main cause of the malfunction and sending some pictures of the places of failure
Contact us at the following numbers 01100022262 – 01221641594
Remove any obstacle that might delay or disable our mission to access the compressor
– Then wait for our arrival


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