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Types of air compressors and how to maintain them

Air compressors are divided into two types:
Stationary compressors: It is the largest compressor size and is designed to be placed in companies and factories and has powerful motors and large storage tanks that ensure the compressor operation for a long term without interruption.
Portable compressors: They are types of compressors with small air tanks, but it is not difficult to move the wheels of the compressor, deal with them, and move them anywhere easily. This type is considered the most used type and there are different types of compressors.

Types of air compressors
Dynamic Compressor Central compressors:

It consists of a rotating disk that enters and exits air parallel to the axis of rotation, and through the rotation

– The device increases the gas velocity and the pressure increases
And then it works to convert the force of gas pressure into a kinetic force in which the gas is pushed
It is used when continuous power is required, such as oil purification operations in petrochemical plants
– The pressure of this type of compressor can also be doubled to more than 69,000 Pa.

Axial compressors
These compressors:

Increase the velocity of the gas entering the pump
– And move it away from the center to reach the dispersed,
– These types of compressors are very expensive; Because it contains many parts and the spaces between them are calculated with high accuracy and are made of high quality materials.

Positive displacement compressor

This type of compressor contains a piston, which is a single-cylinder or multi-cylinder compressor in a more complex sense. It works in one or several stages, and the motor power is either generated by an electric motor or an internal combustion engine, this works. The type of compressor with the principle of piston movement upwards pushes the air in and moves it in the other direction, pushing the air to a certain degree, which leads to the opening of the thrust valve and the air to exit strongly.

Rotary compressor

A compressor that contains an eccentric spindle that has moving blades that compress the gas inside it due to its movement, and there are types of them: Scroll compressors, Rotary screw compressors.

How to maintain an air compressor
Air compressor maintenance is divided into:

Preventive maintenance: is to ensure that the equipment is operating with full efficiency and to review all parts to ensure their safety.
Periodic maintenance: it is to maintain the efficiency of the compressor and work properly and efficiently to avoid sudden malfunctions that cause material losses. This is done by knowing the default work of each part of the equipment and changing it before any malfunction occurs.

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